How to Start a Successful Fish Farming Business in India

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In India, Fish farming business is a bespoken agricultural form. One can earn handsome of money with a well-groomed fish farm. This is otherwise called “Pisciculture” and this type of commercial fish nurturing is performed in veiled tanks. Overfishing has resulted worldwide by the demand for fish as food and it caused depletion in the population. It led to establishing many fish farms wherein fish is grown artificially in man-made ponds and tanks. Aqua Animal Nutrition helps fish to grow with essential harmless nutrients. That’s why diseased persons are advised to eat fish rather other flesh items. Since aquaculture is not as arduous as other farming systems, one can easily handle the farm along with the routine. Even kids and women at home can manage the area easily. Over 60% of Indians consume fish as part of their staple food. If the condition so, why do not we think to start a fish farm business? Join us to know some successful tips for initiating the business.

If you choose a pond for fish rearing, it involves some specific requirements. Choosing the right place for pond construction is mandatory.

How to select the site?

Your chosen site must be with good water supply all around the year and the soil has to hold good water retention capability. There are three categories in the site selection such as biological, ecological and social. Maintenance of the PH value of pond water and soil with a high quality of pond atmosphere guarantees huge production and returns.

Select the Breed

Select your fish breed and some types are brackish water, freshwater, and ornamental. Your breed type at all time depends on the water type, climate conditions, availability of the resource, market demand and obviously climatical conditions.

Feeding the right Nutritional Products

High-quality fish feed always enhances the overall production. Our fish farmers take natural feeds as their first option. When following commercial production, you must provide the fish with nutritious food. You may be aware of various kinds of integrated fish farming systems such as fish-dairy, fish-goat, fish-poultry, fish-duck and fish-paddy that yield high profits. To nourish your fish, Buy Aqua Feed Products in India which contains necessary minerals, and nutrients. The supplementary feed can be given in the dry or moist form. Floating pellets are good for the fish that need a feed from top layers whereas sinking pellets are good for the bottom type.

Maintenance of Fish Farms

The first precautionary measure is maintaining the pH level of water. The pH level from 7 to 8 is the best for pond water fish farming. Additionally, water must be treated with salt and potassium permanganate, etc. to thwart the pathogens’ growth. The viral attacks can be avoided by the best water treatments. Keep an eye on your fish from further diseases.

Marketing of Fish Farming

Last but not least, without marketing, you can’t flourish in the fish farming business. The Indian fish farmers sell their products in the local markets and the Indian fish has a huge demand in the International market. With the help of a Fish Farmers Association, you can export the fish to foreign countries and earn a fortune.

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