How POSH Act is helping young Indian Women to grow in Corporate World?

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The corporate world started welcoming women graciously to make their valuable presence at the workplace. As all we know, the horizon for women have broadened up and companies started taking various initiatives to authorize women at the workplace. But, still, sexual harassment exists in its place. There are some to many women and even companies struggling to come across such situations.

The Supreme Court of India acknowledged sexual harassment of women at the workplace as a human right violation for the first time in 1997. In December 2013, the sexual harassment of women at the workplace that includes prevention, prohibition and redressal act POSH act was enacted.

POSH Act in the Workplace

POSH act strictly consents any organization having more than ten employees has to constitute an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) for providing a guide for addressing sexual harassment at the workplace. It also explains the necessary actions to be taken, training, awareness and the complaint’s confidentiality. It also considers the action to be taken against the false accusation. This Act is gender-neutral that applied for both male and female. POSH Consultants in India offer their service to every enterprise to establish the act in order to prevent the employees from sexual harassment.

POSH Workshops

Many POSH consultants conduct workshops on sexual harassment both online and offline. Basically, the fundamental terms such as an employee, workplace and sexual harassment as laid down in the Act 2013 is delivered in general awareness sessions. The employees are educated about the importance of maintaining professional boundaries. They are advised to be more observant of the comfort level of others. The training mainly focuses on being more aware of the boundaries while intentionally seeing how your behavior impacts the next person at the receiving end. The training imparts to maintain a dignified and complete working environment for all employees.

Instructional videos that advise practical knowledge, educating on the provision of the Act including consequences, defining sexual harassment and its types, high-quality dramatized videos and interactive quizzes are imparted in the sexual harassment workshop.

A woman’s approach towards POSH

In case of any workplace sexual harassment, a woman can approach the employer’s ICC, the Local Complaints Committee, the District Officer or the police authorities. She-Box, an online complaint recording portal has also been introduced by the Government. If she is not satisfied with the ICC, LCC’s decisions, she may directly appeal to the court within a stipulated time. If the woman is deprived of her maternity benefits, she may file a complaint with the labor inspector. Some NGOs also provide external support and guidance in such issues. Non-compliance of the POSH Act is punishable with a specific fine amount. In the case of repeated offenses, it might lead to the cancellation or withdrawal of the employer’s business license.

All the companies have to come forward to enact the POSH Act at their workplaces to make their women employees work peacefully. It not only helps women whereas the employers are economically touching the heights to a greater extent.

Save women, heighten your prosperity…

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