Tips for by Interior Designers to make a Heavenly Dining space

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Dining area brings enchantment not only in food but also in the family members and friends. So, interior designing in the dining space becomes an inevitable decoration that stands forever. The Top Interior Designer in Delhi comes with modern hues and designs. The interior designers put a number of ideas to structure the kitchen like heaven. Although they do from their ends, we never fail to provide tips for them to make a heavenly dining space.

Two-in-One Design

Slipcover is a key element of enhancing the dining room. The well-tailored slipcovers create a coastal feel in the dining area especially when paired up with the farmhouse table. If you are curious about the formal feel then veiling the linen slipcovers and showing the tufted gray armchairs will fulfill your desire.

Light and Warm

A long oval or rectangular table option can be replaced with a round table for an intimate sitting if you are really interested. A circular table will be obviously the center of attraction to the room with a large enough seating at least eight. A liberal white application from the walls to the chairs and chandeliers enhances the look more. Custom painted walls defines the open space as a separate dining room. The floating banquette not only ensures plenty of seating but also gives an airy quality to the entire space.

The layout

A gap is necessary for at least three feet between the dining table and surrounding walls, doors and passages. The table should be four feet in length and at least 30 inches in width. Enough place should be there for the traffic flow and be sure that the part of the table or chair is not blocking the entrance area. You can place the sideboards parallel to the dining table. If you don’t have wall to place the sideboard, then choose an island sideboard with a screen behind that could serve in a wise way to set apart the dining and living spaces.

Majestic chandelier

Lighting holds top place in the dining room to make the place bright and bring happy eating. Replacing the clustered pendant lights with grand chandelier especially crystal imbedded chandeliers bring the beautiful and romantic look.


This is a balancing element for the dining décor. If other dining elements turn a bit sober, a luxurious carpet with a metallic sheen will hike the look of the room totally where your dimmer parts are hidden. Tone down the look with a stunning carpet.

  1. The dining place can be lightened by placing floating shelves on the wall instead of a sideboard cabinet.
  2. Choosing symmetrical and streamlined furniture provides an organized look with more space.
  3. Ceramic or porcelain crockery, crystal glassware, linen napkins with napkin-holders charms the place always. 
  4. Always invest in a high console. Besides storage, you can also utilize the top to display artworks in such a way that it tells a story to create a focal point.
  5. If you are in a small space of dining, use wall mounted folding tables with flaps that can be pulled up when you want more table space to add. Folding chairs are also available that make your small space more spacious.

Hire Interior Designer in Delhi NCR to design your dining room as you wish and they are clear and dominant with their ideas and executions. Do not wait… start your journey of dining room décor with an outstanding interior designer.

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